Fleur Creatif and European Master Certification Program join forces

Rekad Publishing House is very proud to announce the agreement that was signed recently with European Master Certification Program. 

According to Lieven Hemschoote, managing director of Rekad Publishing House, “this agreement is fully in line with the vision of the company to support education and knowledge in the floral industry around the world”.

European Master Certification Program (EMC) is the brainchild of internationally renowned floral designers Tomas De Bruyne & Hitomi Gilliam. With over 60 years of industry experience bridging all continents, their knowledge and expertise is based on the most current insight from their joint global experience.

Central to this agreement is the magazine Fleur Creatif, the worlds’ leading floral design magazine, published in 5 languages, which will act as platform for the EMC students and teachers from 2016 on.